Results Matter

What does your organization do after it has met it’s compliance requirements? What does it do after a pen-test or other security engagement is completed? The outputs of these tasks become tangible attack surface, and attackers can and will exploit every crack they can find.

Don’t be a victim to policy, wordsmithing, or political posturing - make sure you’re secure.

Live fire testing

Has your organization ever endured a live, actual targeted attack? Has it ever had to deal with a viral outbreak or a worm infestation? What about a denial of service attack, or an application level attack? How do you know if your tools, techniques and policies are effective?

Let Phobos Group help build your organizations muscle memory.

Can your Blue Team handle it?

Does your organization have a Blue Team, or other human defensive capability? Have they ever had to encounter a live, motivated attacker who is determined to penetrate the company to steal IP, surveil employees or executives, or leak sensitive data?

How would you fare?

You should find out - inquire within!

How bad was that last breach?

What happens when an attacker gains access to your company? How do they move around? What do they go after? What if you never find them? These are all important questions, and Phobos Group can help you understand them all, and more.

Phobos Group’s founders have decades of experience assisting clients with containing breaches, identifying their causes, and locating data that has been stolen and often listed as ‘for sale’ in the black market.

You’re not alone - Phobos Group can help.

Is your defense strategy working?

Did you get an email alert linking you to a pastebin page with several thousand of your employees passwords? Did you find out through a third party that stolen email spools from your company are available for download in several black markets?

Phobos Group can help.

About Phobos Group

Commodity pen-testing and “red teaming” have been diluted by organizations that usurp the words we use to describe the work we do. Depending on who you ask “pen-test” could mean anything from “running burp against a website” to “physically trying to break into a building”. Some organizations will argue that putting a narrow scope on a “red team engagement” is perfectly fine.

The information security industry has fallen prey to the laissez-faire attitude of letting compliance dictate how security operates. Phobos Group aims to change this attitude from the inside out.

If you recall recent, large-scale attacks that had devastating consequences - such as the attacks that happened to Sony Pictures and Ashley Madison, nothing in any compliance framework saved these companies. For that matter, Target, Home Depot, or any of the hospitals that have been infected with ransomware were all believed to be “fully compliant” - and that fact most certainly did not save them, or prevent their respective breaches.

The industry needs a reboot. It needs to focus on REAL ATTACKS and their consequences, as well as training of security staff to understand what it’s like to operate under fire, and to react the right way to stop attacks in their tracks.

Phobos group was founded under a simple principle: Practice legitimate, real-world Attack Simulation. We simulate what real attackers do. Period.


Phobos Group custom tailors every service offering for every client. Every engagement is the equivalent of a bespoke suit, made to fit just right, and modified for every nuance required.

  • Attack Simulation

    Phobos Group’s tailored attack simulations and team exercises both measure your security posture, and prepare your team for dealing with the real consequences of a breach. Don’t let your organizations first response experience be driven by the news cycle. Phobos Group will help mature your capability in a safe, controlled environment.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Don’t find out that you’ve been compromised because a google alert has shown you a pastebin url filled with your company’s information, or be notified via third-party that your information is being sold on the open market. Let Phobos Group investigate the furthest corners of the internet on your behalf. Stay in-the-know about your organization’s exposure, and find out about breaches before the press does.

  • Remediation Services

    Phobos Group’s founders have spent decades helping companies in various verticals strengthen their security posture, repair damage from viral infestations, prepare themselves for mergers and acquisitions, as well as migrate hardware and software platforms and upgrade software installations. The first thing to be done after an Attack Simulation engagement is to construct a road-map for remediating all of the findings.

    Phobos Group is the best suited organization for assisting with strengthening security posture - we’re experts at thinking like attackers, and this is a critical point of view when considering a defensive posture.

  • Security Posture Assessment

    Phobos Group understands that for smaller businesses, the rapidly increasing demand for robust security can seem technically insurmountable. We’ve developed a package designed specifically for smaller organizations who do not have security staff, or even full-time IT staff. Our approach gets straight to the core of any organization, to specifically tailor an assessment to critical needs, and to protect what matters most - the continuity of business. Let Phobos Group do what we do best: Provide solutions and peace of mind, by dramatically increasing security posture across the board.

  • Data Forensics & Incident Response

    Phobos Group’s founding members have been involved in many investigations and have compiled the skills and expertise that these tense situations demand. Composure, clarity of vision, drive and the willingness to put in the time are foundational elements in all investigations conducted by Phobos.

  • Breach Analysis

    Most breaches go unnoticed for months. Most threat intelligence is bulk product with no understanding of the client’s specific business risks. Phobos Group’s experienced practitioners quickly learn the inner workings of your business and guide you using tailored engagements to assess your exposure, educate your staff, and create action plans to improve security posture.

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Phobos Group is here for you! Please feel free to reach out to us, even if you believe your needs aren't overtly reflected in our service offerings! @phobosgroup

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