Security Consulting

As a boutique computer security company, we tailor our engagements to fit our clients needs, and can evaluate and exercise our client’s security posture and capabilities.

About Phobos Security Consulting

The security industry has fallen prey to misleading terminology and a laissez-faire attitude of letting compliance drive security processes. Phobos Group aims to change this attitude from the inside out.

Our customers exceed their compliance goals as a result of our security services, not as the intention of them.

Compliance should fundamentally follow from the result of well engineered security - versus its baseline.

We practice legitimate, real-world Attack Simulation, and act as an analog to real world attackers, giving our clients critical experience and insight into how real attackers target the systems they intend on protecting.

In addition to analysing our clients from an attacker’s perspective, we provide robust defensive recommendations and services, which directly apply to our findings.

We engineer a measurably and demonstrably better security posture for all of our customers.


Attack Simulation

Like a RedTeam engagement, but what real attackers do - Phobos Group’s tailored attack simulations and team exercises both measure your security posture, and prepare your team for dealing with the real consequences of a breach.

Threat Intelligence

Stay in-the-know about your organization’s exposure, and find out about breaches before the press does. Threat Intelligence is more than just a list of IP addresses.

Remediation Services

The first thing to be done after an Attack Simulation engagement is to construct a road-map for remediating all of the findings. Let Phobos Group bake security into your roadmap.

Security Posture Assessments

Much more than a simple pentest - Let Phobos Group do what we do best: Provide solutions and peace of mind, by dramatically increasing security posture across the board.

Data Forensics & Incident Response

Composure, clarity of vision, drive and the willingness to put in the time are foundational elements in all investigations conducted by Phobos.

Breach Analysis

Phobos Group’s experienced practitioners guide you using tailored engagements to assess your exposure, educate your staff, and create action plans to improve security posture.