The professionalism and expertise is what brought us to the Phobos group, and we were not disappointed. The team was responsive to the somewhat erratic nature of our schedule and maintained periodic contact regarding the schedule. The team was thorough and was able to quickly identify multiple areas of major concern. Not only did the group identify areas of concern, but their assessment finally afforded me the management buy-in to make many necessary changes that had been identified as part of the process, or were identified outside of it but had not been approved in the past. When it came time to deliver the final report, one of the team members came to our office to present the findings to the team. The presentation was provided to members of staff that were both technical and not technical. It was presented in an easy to understand fashion and the team member was sure to answer any questions asked of him with a response appropriate to the audience. The report outlined the process end to end and was incredibly detailed. In short, our experience with the Phobos group was nothing short of phenomenal. I cannot recommend them enough.

Nick V - Director of Security
Recurrent Energy